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VII Panamerican Conference on Nondestructive Testing


IRVINE, CALIF. – Pacific Imaging, a worldwide leader in non-destructive imaging solutions, today announced it will be exhibiting at the The VII Panamerican Conference on Nondestructive Testing (VII COPAEND) which is an exposition dedicated to the sharing and exchanging of continued science and knowledge of Non-Destructive Trials. The conference origins dates back to 1984 and continues to be a leading platform for organizations to display their most advanced technologies. Pacific EzDR will be on display at Booth #31 for the duration of the conference set for October 21-24, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico.


The VII Panamerican Conference began as a reunion of specialists in Nondestructive Testing under the auspices of a regional project of the United Nations, as a Congress for Latin America and the Caribbean region; later, with the incorporation of Canada and the United States of America, the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) and the assistance of the International Committee of Nondestructive Testing (ICNT), it is becomes the Pan-American Conference of Nondestructive Testing.


Pacific Imaging, along with its US and Canadian clients, will be showcasing the EzDR solutions to Mexico and the Panamerican regions.  Pacific Imaging's EzDR has become a proven Pipeline Integrity Inspection (Asset Integrity Inspection) solution. EzDR is a rugged wireless detector that's IP 65 rated & MILITARY STANDARD (MIL-STD-810G) rated making it suitable for the challenging & harsh environment while inspecting pipelines. 


"We’ve experienced a rapid growth in the Pipeline Integrity Inspection space.” said Abhinav Singh, Co-Founder & Global Sales Manager at Pacific Imaging LLC. “Pacific EzDR has shown to the US and Canada that is has the competitive edge when it comes to capturing and displaying images in seconds with a single click. It’s become the perfect solution of detection of corrosion, erosion, pitting, MIC and other pipeline artifacts.” Singh added, “Pacific's ADR (Assisted Defect Recognition) helps our clients identify artifacts and highlight them to the user. From there their Images can be emailed or shared with a single click. Choosing Pacific EzDR means no radioactive source needed, no films needed, no chemicals and no processing room. Pacific EzDR  is your one-stop shop for all your portable X-Ray requirements.”


About The Company

Founded in 2015 by Abhinav Singh and Luke Huang, Pacific Imaging LLC has introduced a full range of digital-imaging solutions to serve non-destructive imaging professionals. With a comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software integrated offerings in Concrete, Pipeline, Aerospace, Powerlines, and Security, Pacific Imaging LLC is one-stop shop for all your portable X-Ray requirements.


For more information, contact Pacific Imaging LLC at (323) 397-8254 or at

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We all know the Oil and Gas industry follows strict standards to maintain safety and proper functioning of equipment. What you might not know is that Pacific Imaging deploys cutting-edge Digital Radiography Imaging solutions to analyze structure & integrity which is extremely efficient and can significantly reduce cost while producing results at tremendous

speed compared to conventional film techniques. For Oil and Gas, the process of gaining acceptance for a new testing method takes time. The main challenge lies in validating the quality of the digital radiography panel.  That's where Pacific Imaging can provide guidance based on our 25 years of experience in Imaging.  Often, the new approach is qualified by three departments, including the company performing inspection, the company manufacturing the tubing & company that buys the tubing. Pictures below show images acquired using Pacific Imaging Software and Digital Detector using  High Energy X-Ray.


Pi Software with its “SINGLE CLICK" process makes acquiring images very easy. When you launch the software, detector and x-ray are auto-connected. Just press "READY" & image is acquired within a few seconds & wirelessly transferred on the tablet (or laptop) for immediate review and analysis.

Pacific Imaging's supports its portfolio of DR, CR & CT digital imaging devices using Pi NDT Software & is optimized for touch screen Windows tablets and laptops for image acquisition, analysis, and viewing.


Pacific DR Panel

(available in 14x17, 17x17 & 10x12 inch options)

Ruggedized Laptop and/or Tablet

Pi Software

(for Image acquisition, storage and transfer)

X-Ray Source

(determined depending on scope of project)


(include but not limited to dongle, USB wi-fi converter, Pelican case etc.)

DR Protective Armor

DR Mount (Heavy Duty)

PIPELINE Processing Algorithms

(optimized to image 12-14” thick Concrete)


(Air Pi Wireless Trigger for Detector)


Newly manufactured Steel pipes

Low Pressure Steam pipe

Steam Coolers

Water pipes

Oil Pipes


Detects corrosion (Internal & External)

Detects erosion (Internal)

Measure pipe wall thickness

Analyze weld quality

Physical Damage Assessment